First Lego League Cooperation

Vom 7.-8. Dezember 2017 fand bei uns im EuroCamp Am Helenesee die First Lego League statt. Hier finden Sie einen Bericht unseren jungen Teilnehmer:

Deutsch-Polnisches Kompetenzeam - 

In 2017 and 2018 we were supporting the cooperation in the so called MINT-field (MINT: Mathematics, Informatics, Nature Sciences/Engineering and Technic) in the Euroregion Pro Europa Viadrina. Together with our Polish partners from Gorzow and Poznan we implemented a First Lego League! In this competition young people came together to improve their Lego devices with a lot of technic to fulfill several task. Referees then evaluated it and declared the winner. But of course: we are all winners by taking part in this awesome event! 

From 7.-8th of December 2017 the first half of the project took place in Frankfurt (Oder) in the EuroCamp Am Helenesee. The second half was then from 13.-14th of January 2018 in Gorzow.

We learned a lot and made new friends. You can find a video report here:

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